Portions and subsitutes :)

This hot dog is vegan along with the bread, chili, and cheese. What I have learned from my weight loss journey is its ok to splurge on food favorites but learn when enough is enough and always subsitute where you can! 🙂 Also adding fruits ( I actually prefer frozen here) in water is way better then adding crystal light!! 🙂 Hope everyone is having thintastic week and I will talk to all y’all beauties later :)!!


Introduction of the veggie!

Hi, My name is Sierra and I am a vegetarian.. I became a vegetarian a year ago.. that is really where my story begins. I use to be overweight, depressed, and I hated myself. I was drowing my self in fast food.. and I wanted to breathe again.. August 2011 Me and my amazing boyfriend went to vegas for the first time ever! How exciting.. well it would have been if it wasnt for the overweight, out of breath and very lazy Sierra was the one that got to enjoy that trip… It was awful.. I couldnt enjoy myself at all and made my boyfriend suffer as well. Thats when I decided I needed to change.. I tried everything and I mean every kind of diet you can literally think of and I have tried it.. Finally I had enough… I needed to grow up and realize that it didnt take me a week or a month to add all this weight on… it wouldnt be healthy to think I could take it off in a shorter amount of time.. Iwanted to break my horrible addiction to mcdonalds and to taco bell.. and fast.. so I have to take extreme measures with myself and that would be to give up meat.. And I decided then no more mcdonalds or taco bell.. I wasnt going to have them run my life.. and thats how I became a vegetarian on February 27, 2012.. Its now been a year and I am free.. I can breathe easier to say the least.. I love the freedom!!!!

This blog is Me and MY BEST FRIEND 🙂 since kindergarten project. She loves fashion , makeup and hair and I love weight loss and helping people with self confidents. Between the two of us we want to help people with inner and outer beauty.. Because we all got both! 🙂